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Deletion identified in a 3-month-old Russian patient with multiple congenital anomalies and developmental delay (Iourov et al., 2012).

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1 Minor Molecular karyotyping by array CGH in a Russian cohort of children with intellectual disability, autism, epilepsy and congenital anomalies. Iourov IY , et al. (2013)
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Individuals selected from a total of 2426 patients whom had been evaluated cytogenetically and molecularly between November 2007 and May 2012


Intellectual disability (ID), autism/ASD, epilepsy (EP), and/or congenital anomalies

Iourov IY , et al. (2013)
Cohort Size: 54

Age Min: 3
Age Max: 3
Average: 3

Male: -
Female: -
Unknown: 100
CNV Size: 5720171

Deletion: 1
Duplication: 0

Total CNV: 1
Discovery Method:


Validation Method:


Platform: BACs aCGH
Software: -
Algorithm: -
Geographical Ancestry: Russian
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Clinical Profile:

Corpus callosum agenesis, congenital heart defect, microcephaly, pulmonary hypoplasia, facial dysmorphisms

Cognitive Profile:

Developmental and cognitive delay

Iourov IY , et al. (2013)
Primary Diagnosis: Developmental delay

Age: 3 mos.

Gender: NA
Primary Disorder Inheritence: -

Family Profile: Unknown
CNV Start: 107707481
CNV End: 113425685
CNV Size: 5720171
Validation Description: -
Primary Disorder Inheritence: -
CNV Inheritance: Unknown
Family Profile: Unknown
Genome Build: GRCh38
Gene Content: RNA5SP39, HCFC2P1, MYO16-AS2, LINC00370, LINC01067, LINC00399, LINC00676, RN7SKP10, LINC00396, RN7SL783P, MIR8073, COL4A2-AS1, RPL21P107, LINC00567, LINC00346, ANKRD10-IT1, PARP1P1, ARHGEF7-AS2, ARHGEF7-AS1, LINC00354, SNORD44, SOX1, LINC00404, LINC01043, F10-AS1, MIR8075, LDHBP1, FAM155A-IT1, LIG4, ABHD13, IRS2, COL4A2-AS2, RAB20, CARS2, ING1, LINC00431, LINC00368, ARHGEF7-IT1, TEX29, LINC02337, SPACA7, TUBGCP3, ATP11AUN, ATP11A-AS1, MCF2L-AS1, F10, KARSP2, PROZ, PCID2, LAMP1, GRTP1, GRTP1-AS1, ADPRHL1, FAM155A, TNFSF13B, MYO16-AS1, COL4A1, COL4A2, NAXD, ANKRD10, LINC01044, ATP11A, MCF2L, F7, ARHGEF7, LINC01070, CUL4A, MYO16
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