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1 (1 case / 0 control)

Mosaic duplication identified in a male patient with global developmental delay and dysmorphic features (Girirajan et al., 2012)

Reports related to 5q35 (1 Reports)
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1 Major Phenotypic heterogeneity of genomic disorders and rare copy-number variants. Girirajan S , et al. (2012)
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Samples from affected children submitted to Signature Genomic Laboratories from 2008-2010.


Developmental delay with or without congenital malformations

Girirajan S , et al. (2012)
Cohort Size: 32587

Age Min: 32
Age Max: 32
Average: 32

Male: 100
Female: -
Unknown: -
CNV Size: 1035490

Deletion: 0
Duplication: 1

Total CNV: 1
Discovery Method:


Validation Method:

FISH, aCGH, or confirmation by inheritance

Platform: BACs aCGH, SignatureChipOS
Software: -
Algorithm: -
Geographical Ancestry: -
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Clinical Profile:

Global developmental delay. Normal tone. Dysmorphic features: perauricular pit, frontal bossing, borderline low-set ears. Congenital anomalies: 2-3 toe syndactyly, mottled skin hypopigmentation. Growth parameters: weight 75th-90th %ile, height 50th-75th %ile, OFC -0.8 SD. Family history: mother has learning disability.

Cognitive Profile:

Global developmental delay

Girirajan S , et al. (2012)
Primary Diagnosis: Developmental delay

Age: 2 yrs. 8 mos.

Gender: M
Primary Disorder Inheritence: -

Family Profile: Unknown
CNV Start: 179127059
CNV End: 180162550
CNV Size: 1035492
Validation Description: FISH, aCGH, or confirmation by inheritance
Primary Disorder Inheritence: -
CNV Inheritance: Unknown
Family Profile: Unknown
Genome Build: GRCh38
Gene Content: PRDX2P3, C5orf60, CBY3, LTC4S, MIR1229, RN7SKP150, RPS15AP18, MIR340, HNRNPH1, HMGB3P22, MAML1, MGAT4B, MRNIP, TBC1D9B, RASGEF1C, RUFY1, CANX, SQSTM1, RNF130, ADAMTS2
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