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KDM4Clysine demethylase 4C

Suggestive Evidence Criteria 3.1
Autism Reports / Total Reports
1 / 1
Rare Variants / Common Variants
2 / 0
Associated Syndromes
Genetic Category
Rare Single Gene Mutation
Chromosome Band
Associated Disorders
Relevance to Autism

CNV analysis of 1,108 ASD cases, 2,458 schizophrenia (SCZ) cases, and 2,095 controls from a Japanese population in Kushima et al., 2018 demonstrated that significant enrichment of exonic CNVs affecting the KDM4C gene was observed in a combined cohort of ASD and SCZ cases compared to controls [3 CNVs from ASD cases and 6 CNVs from SCZ cases (9 total) vs. 0 CNVs in controls (Odds ratio 10.46, P = 8.6E-03)].

Molecular Function

This gene is a member of the Jumonji domain 2 (JMJD2) family. The encoded protein is a trimethylation-specific demethylase, and converts specific trimethylated histone residues to the dimethylated form. This enzymatic action regulates gene expression and chromosome segregation.

Reports related to KDM4C (1 Reports)
# Type Title Author, Year Autism Report Associated Disorders
1 Primary Comparative Analyses of Copy-Number Variation in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Schizophrenia Reveal Etiological Overlap and Biological Insights. Kushima I , et al. (2018) Yes -
Rare Variants   (2)
Status Allele Change Residue Change Variant Type Inheritance Pattern Parental Transmission Family Type PubMed ID Author, Year
- - copy_number_gain Unknown - - 30208311 Kushima I , et al. (2018)
- - copy_number_loss Unknown - - 30208311 Kushima I , et al. (2018)
Common Variants  

No common variants reported.

CNVs associated with KDM4C(1 CNVs)
9p24.1 27 Deletion-Duplication 44  /  311
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