Mouse Models


The Mouse Models module of SFARI Gene utilizes a unique classification system in order to more effectively navigate the intricacies of the mouse models.

For the genetic models, each reported model is assigned a name that consists of the gene name, chronologically ordered model number, the model construct (allele type, such as Knock Out, Knock In, etc.), and the genotype (Homozygous, Heterozygous, or Hemizygous). We also classify publications that report the first model of a gene as ``primary,`` with every subsequent publication recorded as ``additional.``

Nomenclature Sample:

Genetic Models:

Gene Name_ Model#_Construct_Genotype Example: NLGN3_ 1_ KO_ HM

Induced Models:

Inducer Abbreviation _Model#_ Model Type _ Model Subtype Example: VPA_ 1_IN_ C

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