Data Visualization

HG Scrubber

The Human Genome Scrubber is used to show the location of all known ASD candidate genes throughout the human genome. The genetic information presented can be filtered by gene score or by chromosome, and an overlay can be added to the data to highlight the number of autism-focused studies directly implicating a particular gene. As new genes are identified in scientific literature and added to the database, they’ll instantly appear on the Human Genome Scrubber.

Scrubber Functionality

Users can zoom in to focus on certain chromosomal loci or zoom out to view the entirety of the human genome. The height of the bars along the scrubber correlates to the number of reports linking a particular gene to ASD, and color is used to denote the assigned gene score.


When users hover over a gene, they can see the exact number of curated reports, along with the assigned gene score indicating the strength of the evidence linking it to ASD. When a gene is selected, users will find detailed genetic information curated from the reports, such as the gene product’s molecular function, the number of rare or common variants in the gene, and any associated syndromes or disorders.

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