Data Visualization

Ring Browser

The Ring Browser is an interactive tool that lets users see the human genetic information contained within SFARI Gene. Every chromosome in the human genome is presented in a circular interface. Users can focus their search on a particular chromosome or range of chromosomes, or they can explore the genetic information across the entire genome. The outer levels of the rings are used to show the location, frequency, and score of all known genes implicated in ASD. Inside the ring, users can see a map of the genetic loci of the CNVs catalogued in the database.

The Ring Browser also visualizes every known protein interaction that takes place between gene products associated with ASD. The interior of the Ring Browser illustrates the connections between these proteins, using different colors to denote the specific behaviors linking each protein.

CNV Data

The Ring Browser maps every CNV identified in the database by location in the genome. This tool can be used to find the number of reports implicating the CNV in ASD, the frequency, and the type of CNV (duplication or deletion).

PIN Data

Data from SFARI Gene’s Protein Interaction Module is clearly illustrated in the PIN Ring. The tool allows users to see how gene products interact with each other.


The information contained in the PIN Ring can be filtered by chromosome, PIN type, or gene score, allowing users to narrow their results to the areas most pertinent to their research.

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